Premium Plamere Fibroblast Plasma Pen


– FDA registered, CE certified

– Multiple Treatment Settings

– Hand Held Device with USB Charging Cable

– One Machine for Multiple Treatments

– Non Invasive Treatment

– High Quality Parts

– Reusable Tips

– One Time Use Tip Applicators (Sold Separately)

– 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty

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The Plamere plasma pen, manufactured in South Korea, is FDA registered Plasma Fibroblast device and has proved to be an easy-to-use and efficient device for rejuvenating and tightening the skin.  Plasma delivers a localized current, called an arc to the problem area in the epidermal layers of the skin without damaging the skin surface allowing technicians to correct various skin conditions, reduce the appearance of wrinkles, treat acne and remove unwanted loose skin on the face and body in a minimally invasive non-surgical procedure.


The #1 Selling Plasma Pen in the World!

Introducing the #1 Selling and most advanced, FDA registered, Plasma Fibroblast Pen available on the market today.

With multiple attachments, this Plasma Fibroblast Pen by Plamere can perform:

What are you able to treat with this Plamere Plasma Pen?

With our Plamere Plasma Pen Training Program, our students will be able to conduct the following treatments using our Plasma Pen Pro Unit:

– Fine Lines

– Crows Feet Lines

– Eyebrow ptosis

– Nasal Labial Folds / Laugh Lines

– Marionette Lines

– Smokers / Kissing Lines

– Neck Lines

– Drooping Skin / Loose Skin

– Moles

– Skin Tags

– Pigmentation Removal

– Age Spot Removal

– Liver Spot Removal

– Freckle Removal

– Scar Removal

– Stretch Mark Removal

– Permanent Makeup Removal (Eyebrows and Microblading)

– Scalp Micropigmentation Removal / Blowout Removal

The Benefits of Using Our Plamere Plasma Pen include:

– FDA Registered

– Multiple Treatment Settings

– Hand Held Device with USB Charging Cable

– One Machine for Multiple Treatments

– Non-Invasive Treatment

– High-Quality Parts

– Reusable Tips

– One Time Use Tip Applicators (Sold Separately)

– CE Certificate

– 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty


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